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Character Template: Tenderheart (Onishi1)

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1Character Template: Tenderheart (Onishi1) Empty Character Template: Tenderheart (Onishi1) on Tue Jul 05, 2016 7:01 pm

Name: Tenderheart
   SL Login Name: Onishi1
   Age: 33
   Languages Spoken: Common, High Northern
   Gender: Mare
   Species/Race: Pony/ Earth
   Cutie Mark: Standard Medical Cross with a central heart
   Allegiance/Faction: Steel Rangers
   Appearance: Pale blue/gray, Golden mane, deep Blue eyes with Glasses
   Character Tagged Skills: Medicine, Science, Energy Guns
   Character Perks - General:
   A Little Dash, First in Class, Pharmacist
   Character Perks - Racial:
   Jack of all Apples, Healing of Mother Earth, Raise that Barn
   Book Perk: That's The Good Stuff
   Starting Gear:
   Armor 6, Ranged 5, Melee 5, Special 5, BL 3
   Biography/Brief History:
            Born to a caravan merchant and her bodyguard, Tenderheart spent much of her younger years on the move.  Picking up whatever skills she could, from wherever she could, she learned how to create meds early on.  She would not, however, discover her true calling till after her family settled down in the "Life's a Beach" resort community.  Formerly a Day Spa and Resort in pre-war times, it now serves as a coastal trade hub.  On the fateful day, when her family would be killed in a raider attack, she would meet a young Steel Ranger that she would nurse back to health.  This act gained her a cutie mark and the ranger would eventually sire her foal.  Their time together was happy, but wouldn't last as he would be called away by the order, taking her with him.  Paladin Iron Sun, would meet his end on the field of battle against the Alicorn Menace shortly before the foal would be born.  Tenderheart would continue her service to the Rangers, in order to ensure her daughter's future.

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